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We are always trying to improve our Wedding films. That’s why we’re now exclusively using Canon’s new DSLR cameras, the EOS 5D Mark III. Any wedding videographer will tell you that this is the best camera on the market. It is agreed by many of today’s top directors like James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino, that the 5D Mark III produces the best looking footage out of all HD video cameras under $200k. More and more Directors, Hollywood Studios, and National TV Networks are adapting these new cameras for their productions. In fact, the season finale of the popular TV show House, which aired recently on FOX was filmed entirely with the Canon 5D Mark III.

The Canon 5D Mark III has a Full Frame, 36mm image sensor and is a 21MP camera that shoots Full HD 1080P video at 24 frames per second. These are standard specifications for most multi-million dollar Hollywood productions.

This big size image sensor produces a cinema style, artistic, shallow depth of field, where the subject in focus and the background is blurred. The camera uses interchangeable lenses that increase the quality even further. Optics play a big role in wedding video production, and Pushkin Studio takes a great pride in the lens collection that it owns.

The look is one thing, but we are also committed to maintaining high-quality production values. Not only do we use top of the line cameras, we also have a Crane, Steadicam, and slider to use at our disposal, guaranteeing a cinematic feel to your wedding video. Below is a photo of Pushkin Studio cinematographers using slider and glidecam for beautiful cinematic effects during wedding ceremony


videographers for weddings

We can give you variety in angles and movements, having everything from the camera fly over the heads of your guests to a smooth shot down the aisle as the bride approaches the groom. With our tools, we can capture every element of your wedding; with the ability to have shots go from the chandelier to the floor, or have the camera fly form one corner of the room to another, we can capture it in style.Check out Pushkin Studio Camera Crane below:



Our Steadicam gives the ability to make traditional shots smoother, adding to the stabilized feel of the video. It’s your wedding, and we don’t want to limit you in any way. Traditional tripods and dolly shots are limiting, with our gear we can get up close and personal, while maintaining great looking footage. All of the technology we have is used to increase the quality of the production, guaranteeing a great-looking video for you, our client. We know where the world of cinematography is going, and use that to our advantage to offer you true beauty of your wedding.

Puskin Studios serves the following areas in and around New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, New Jersey, Long Island, Rockland, Orange and Westchester Counties, and Connecticut Add a copyright notice at the bottom of each page.

Pushkin Studio is owned and operated by Alex Pushkin.

Here is Alex Pushkin’s Director of Cinematography portfolio

High End Luxury Wedding Photography and Video services is a quality service oriented video and photography expert that provides you with uncompromised, professional and Customer Satisfaction guaranteed wedding photography and video services that you deserve at a competitive price, which you can afford.

Alex Pushkin, the owner of Pushkin Studio is a professional cinematographer living and working in New York. Pushkin studio works with creative effect designers for post production process. Our video inquisition skills together with post production and animation are aimed at giving you that million dollar look that you see in Hollywood movies.

What makes Alex Pushkin the premier wedding videographer in New York City?

Our strong reputation, uncompromising professionalism, rich logistics, and service experience are just a few reasons why, of all our competitors out there, we are the most trusted choice. Your needs are special to us as it is to you and we apply our expertise to satisfy such special needs.

We have never failed to deliver and we do not intent to do so in the future. We provide you with quality photography and video services that are beyond your imagination, tagged along with celebrity features which make us the standard for determining the best.

We use the best equipment. This means we can and will get every shot possible at your wedding without intruding on your day. We use highest grade lenses. We also use Full Frame Cameras that shoot amazingly good looking footage in Full HD 1080p. Videographer for weddings should have all the right tools to make your video look amazing.

This combination of cameras and lenses give the “shallow depth of field” look that you see in movies where the subject is in focus and background is blurred (as opposed to the ENG Electronic News Gathering cameras that other videographers use, where everything is in focus, and the video don’t look artistic, like a soap opera)

We are small enough to bring you all of the benefits of a personalized, dedicated service, but big enough to handle any video and photography project that you may assign.

Our wedding videographer extensive experience has prepared us to assist clients with a large number of technologies and strategies, in a wide variety of industries by providing never ending quality video and photography services that you are entitled to and by ensuring that we pay attention to details and deliver our quality services which includes value added services that makes it difficult for our competitors to match us. These value added services include:

  • We use professional lighting for your video
  • Professional Sound for your video
  • We use slider and Glidecam for cinematic effects
  • We use a camera crane, as in all big budget films that feature amazing angles…
  • We shoot in Manual mode, so we can react to changes in lighting or subject matter
  • Our editing is professional – most other studios don’t pay so much attention to what clips/angles to use for your film. We make everything look beautiful.
  • Your film will not contain shots of shaky, under or over exposed footage, bad sound, etc.
  • We make beautiful editing. Just imagine the video starts from Bride and groom getting ready. We chose amazing melody and create like a music video with slow motion, color, and other effects. All transitions are mixed to the music, and the entire song doesn’t contain a single shot that doesn’t look beautiful. Pushkin Studio wedding videographer will insure that each of your shots looks amazing. After this first clip comes a second one, with a more uplifting and energetic song, and a beautiful music video of you on a location shoot.

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  • Alexander
    We loved Pushkin's service. The end result didn't have any boring shots, but was full of cuts from one camera to another making the video interesting to watch over and over again. I have recommended him, and my friends were as happy with the results, as we were.
  • Alex & Ora
    We were lucky to book Alex. The video came out beautifully. Our videographer had an aesthetic eye that captured the details and the little things that get lost in all the commotion. The editing that Alex did was fantastic and the final product came out incredibly tasteful.
  • Erina
    Alex provided outstanding service for my wedding. He was professional, accommodating, and pleasure to work with. He worked patiently on our wedding album, which came out outstanding. Alex Pushkin is dedicated professional and I highly recommend him!
  • Gayane
    Alex demonstrated a professional approach to our needs and requests. It was a pleasant experience to work with him. His creativity made the memory of our special day unforgettable. I recommended him to all of our friends and will continue to do so, considering all the positive feedback.
  • Violet
    Pushkin and his team made my Wedding day special. My album & video were finished fast and with great quality. I had to put minimum work into the final product. Changes and requests were no problem. I definitely recommend Pushkin Studio for all of your events.
  • Michael
    Amazing amazing service!!! Out of all the vendors we visited Alex really understood our visions and made me and my wife feel comfortable at all times. Outstanding quality, great value and professionalism that cant be beat!
  • Gary
    DJ Pushkin was our DJ, Photographer and Videographer. What he promised us in the contract is what we received and more. The quality of his work is excellent. I highly recommend him. He will deliver the services promised at a very reasonable price.
  • Diana
    On a personal note, Alex Pushkin is not only a great business man but is also a very honest and personable man. Even during wedding complications and problems, he was supportive and always remained true to his cause. Great to do business with.
  • Alla
    We are so happy we went with Pushkin Studio. The video is absolutely amazing! All the right moments were captured and put together in just the right way. I was a very happy bride! Would definitely recommend them, they are the very best.
  • Lynn & Matt
    We wanted to thank you for doing an awesome job at our wedding. Lynn and I couldn't have been happier with the Photobooth and the way it turned out. It was certainly a big hit and we received lots of compliments on it, so great job!!
  • Vera & Shawn
    Thank you Pushkin Studio so much for capturing every moment perfectly. We are so happy to have shared our wedding day with u!