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Review from Bride and Groom

Alex Domovich
Just wanted to share my experience with a vendor we used for our wedding… will post more as I write them up.

We were really lucky to book Alex Pushkin to do the video of our wedding. The video came out beautifully and Alex worked within our budget to deliver exactly what we wanted. The videographer, Pavel, was professional and has an aesthetic eye that captured the details and the little things that get lost in all the commotion. The editing that Alex did was fantastic and the final product came out incredibly tasteful. Furthermore, the trailer and the video were completed in less than a month. I was surprised at the incredibly quick turn around times. Alex was also gracious to work with us and re-edit aspects of the clip after the final cut was done and re-done until we were 100% satisfied. We couldn’t be happier.

Ora & Alex Wedding Highlights

Camera on Crane

Crane for videography

Camera on Crane is a great way to capture video. Cranes are mostly used in Hollywood films, and Pushkin Studio is proud to be one of the few companies who provides this service for weddings in New York. The shots from camera flying high on top look amazing. The camera floats through the air from the floor to the ceiling and across the room.

crane video for weddings

camera on top of heads

cinematography on crane
crane for weddings
video crane
flying camera
all Pushkin Studio for prices and options

Marina Bridal Shower

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Shooting a wedding




Comedy Woman Holiday Wishes Shot by Alex Pushkin



I was proud to have been asked by Kartina TV to videotape members of Comedy Woman show. Was a fun evening in the new Master Theatre.

Photobooth by Pushkin Studio

Photobooth for Weddings in NY

Pushkin Studio Photobooth for Weddings, private, and cooperate parties. The package includes a custom photo backdrop designed specifically for your event, red carpet, velvet ropes, props, professional camera and lighting equipment.































For more information check out Pushkin Studio Photobooth Rental

Photo Backdrop with your own text

nyc rental 02-Photobooth-USA 03-photo-backdrop-nyc 04-photo-backdrop-new-york 05-print-photo-backdrop 06-custom-photo-backdrop 07-vinyl-backdrop-printing 08-photobooth-nyc-rental 09-photobackdrop-with-text print your background new york photobooth 12-print-custom-backdropRed Carpet Photobooth with custom vinyl background

Steadicam & Glidecam effects for Weddings

Steadicam & Glidecam Video Sample

Steadicam & Glidecam are tools for stabilizing video, making it look like the camera is flying or gliding through the air.

In below photo: Alex Pushkin working as Steadicam operator for independent film, starring leading actress from Transporter 3, Natalya Rudakova (on right)

weddings brooklyn new york videography


Slider Effect for Wedding Video

Cinematic Video Production – Camera On Slider

Here is a short sample to show you how the video looks with help of Slider.

Denise & Igor Wedding Video Highlights

Pushkin Studio Cinematic Production for Weddings

Just finished Denise & Igor’s Wedding Blu Ray and DVD. Here is The Highlights video:


  • Alexander
    We loved Pushkin's service. The end result didn't have any boring shots, but was full of cuts from one camera to another making the video interesting to watch over and over again. I have recommended him, and my friends were as happy with the results, as we were.
  • Alex & Ora
    We were lucky to book Alex. The video came out beautifully. Our videographer had an aesthetic eye that captured the details and the little things that get lost in all the commotion. The editing that Alex did was fantastic and the final product came out incredibly tasteful.
  • Erina
    Alex provided outstanding service for my wedding. He was professional, accommodating, and pleasure to work with. He worked patiently on our wedding album, which came out outstanding. Alex Pushkin is dedicated professional and I highly recommend him!
  • Gayane
    Alex demonstrated a professional approach to our needs and requests. It was a pleasant experience to work with him. His creativity made the memory of our special day unforgettable. I recommended him to all of our friends and will continue to do so, considering all the positive feedback.
  • Violet
    Pushkin and his team made my Wedding day special. My album & video were finished fast and with great quality. I had to put minimum work into the final product. Changes and requests were no problem. I definitely recommend Pushkin Studio for all of your events.
  • Michael
    Amazing amazing service!!! Out of all the vendors we visited Alex really understood our visions and made me and my wife feel comfortable at all times. Outstanding quality, great value and professionalism that cant be beat!
  • Gary
    DJ Pushkin was our DJ, Photographer and Videographer. What he promised us in the contract is what we received and more. The quality of his work is excellent. I highly recommend him. He will deliver the services promised at a very reasonable price.
  • Diana
    On a personal note, Alex Pushkin is not only a great business man but is also a very honest and personable man. Even during wedding complications and problems, he was supportive and always remained true to his cause. Great to do business with.
  • Alla
    We are so happy we went with Pushkin Studio. The video is absolutely amazing! All the right moments were captured and put together in just the right way. I was a very happy bride! Would definitely recommend them, they are the very best.
  • Lynn & Matt
    We wanted to thank you for doing an awesome job at our wedding. Lynn and I couldn't have been happier with the Photobooth and the way it turned out. It was certainly a big hit and we received lots of compliments on it, so great job!!
  • Vera & Shawn
    Thank you Pushkin Studio so much for capturing every moment perfectly. We are so happy to have shared our wedding day with u!